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Classic Windows are a family run business with over 30 years experience in windows, doors and conservatories. 

Over the years Classic Windows have installed windows, doors, conservatories and roofline products to many properties in the Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Cornwall area.  The majority of our business comes from personal recommendation.



FREEPHONE: 0800 783 2963

FENSA regulate the Double Glazing Industry, they inspect installations on a regular basis to ensure companies operate to local authority regulations, i.e ensuring the correct glass is used and is toughened where required, and making sure fire hinges and trickle vents are used on the appropriate windows. If a company fails to meet the stringent criteria they will be fined by FENSA and ordered to rectify the problems with immediate effect.

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Trustmark are a Government Endorsed Standards scheme and were formed in 2005 to help the consumer make the right choice in which company to choose and in the process combat rogue traders, they work alongside consumer groups and vet and monitor companies and do regular on site inspections making sure the companies labour force work to the most stringent standards.

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Home Pro Insurance are an Insurance Backed Guarantee scheme (IBG)  who are approved by FENSA.

Home Pro Insurance will guarantee all deposits taken from customers and take over our company guarantee should we cease to trade for whatever reason, giving you the customer total peace of mind.

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Fair Trades have been the endorsement for top quality home improvement companies since 1983, and their awareness of employing reputable and registered trade professionals and their "Scales of Justice" logo is recognised throughout the UK.

To be a member of Fairtrades you have to be  "Recommended, Vetted, and Monitored"

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